Air Pulse, Suction And Sonic Waves

Clitoral suction/pulse sex toys are a new kind of pleasure products capable of unlocking new heights of pleasures, you probably didn’t know existed, or didn’t know how to find it… well until now.

Clitoral stimulators are devices that use air pulsations, suction or pressure instead of traditional vibrations to directly stimulate your clitoris. These sonic vibrators have little pleasure mounds that hover just over the clitoris and generate powerful sonic pulses that rock you out of this world, producing a sensation that simultaneously sucks and vibrates your clit.


Imagine the clit like an iceberg, regular vibrators only stimulate the tip, however devices that use suction or air pulse they have suction pads that generate deep and resonant pressure waves that enter the structure of the clitoris.

The devices that that use sonic waves use sonic pads producing pleasure waves, like being next to a bass speaker on full, this targets the nerve endings behind the clitoral wall it self, blowing the entire iceberg structure to smithereens (safety of course), these devices have also been known to make woman ejaculate in the process.

The Curvy 2+ by Satisfyer also have the dual function of your traditional vibrator plus Air Pulse/Suction, so you can warm up with traditional vibrations, and then move onto powerful Air Pulse when your ready to orgasm, Or you can start with Air Pulse and use traditional vibrations to cool off in between, play around with the combinations and find what works best for you.


Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Sucker Vibrator(Powder Blue): 6 Levels,  Waterproof, With Cap, Night Light, High-Quality Design External : Health, Household & Personal Care


Major Air Pulse/Suction Brands:

  • Womanizer
  • We-Vibe - Melt
  • Satisfyer

Major Sonic Waves Brands:

  • Lelo - Sona
  • Irresistible By Shots