Edge Seamless O-Ring Gag

Edge Seamless O-Ring Gag

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This comfort-lined O-Ring gag is incredibly versatile and will have your sub feeling  helpless and at your mercy. Savor every smothered whimper and groan as you have your way with their body. Remove O-Ring gag to convert into an attractive collar at your whim, the locking buckle ensuring safe and secure fastening of your naughty partner.


  • Cowhide leather and silicone 
  • Nickel free metal hardware 
  • Removable O-Ring gag can be converted to a collar 
  • Lockable buckle closure with 24” (60.96 cm) leather strap 

In The Box: 

  • Leather strap is 24” (60.96 cm) in length 


30% cowhide leather, 20% silicone, 20% nickel free metal, 30% polyester